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Doug’s Shop

The Shop

I would be happy to take you into my shop and show you exactly what’s going on.  I have nothing to hide and a lot to show off.  Here are some pictures of the front of the building.

My Work Bay

My clean, well-lit work bay shows the pride I have in my work.  I have my own computer terminal in my work bay with access to the Internet.  This means instant access to all information with no walking.  This saves time and ensures a proper repair.  I also have a large library of factory service manuals.  I have repair information on DVD discs that contain all makes and models as well as the latest technical service bulletins and recalls.  Since the information is internet-based, new service bulletins are available daily.

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Here are some pictures of some of the instruments I work with to get your maintenance and repair jobs done.  Each is kept clean and in top working order.  A mechanic is only as good as his tools will allow him to be.

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My Office

My office and waiting area are separate from the work bay.  This is where I will provide you your estimates and your detailed bills upon the completion of work.  I have four computers in the shop.  Two of the computers have internet access so I can perform any research I need to do to complete maintenance and repair work.  The other two computers contain my customer database.  These are not connected to the internet for my customers’ safety.

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The Customer Experience

When the work is completed, I have the ability to explain the repairs since I did them myself.  I can prioritize any additional items I may have found that need attention.  I can save the old parts at your request.  A sticker will be placed on the inside of your windshield letting you know when your next scheduled service is.  I have a printer that prints the lube stickers so they will not run or fade.

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