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We all thank Acura of Serramonte for the many years of great service in Colma, CA. 

As many of you know, they are closing and our company is prepared to assist its customers in any way we can.

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Some fun facts about Acura from Carzing:

Who Makes Acura?

Acura is owned and manufactured by Honda. Many people think Acura and Honda are different. Yes, it is true. These two vehicles are different, but they share some common parts. Honda is the parent company of Acura.

Acura is a Japanese company, but you will be surprised to know that Acura cars are manufactured in U.S. Ohio is the birthplace of many Acura cars. There are several plants throughout America.

Where is Acura From and Where is Acura Made?

Many brands of Acura are born in Marysville, Ohio. There are 3 more plants in Ohio, where the manufacturing of Acura vehicles is undertaken.

In Ohio, additionally, the powerful engines of the Acura cars are manufactured, sold, and shipped all over the world.

In another plant located in Russells Ohio, component parts are produced and then sold and shipped all over the world.

Most of Acura’s lineup in North America is currently manufactured and engineered here, but it wasn’t always like that. When it was launched as the first Japanese luxury brand in 1986, the brand made waves. All its cars were previously assembled in Japan when Acura was launched. Only the RLX flagship is built there today.

Acura and Honda SUVs are produced in East Liberty, Ohio. 

  • Acura manufactures four sedans for the 2014-year model – the TLX, RLX, RLX Sport Hybrid, and ILX – and two crossovers – the MDX and RDX.
  • All Acura’s vehicles were put together in the United States except for the RLX Sport Hybrid and RLX. The ILX is a compact car based on the Honda Civics’ European variant. It is built at the Greensburg plant in Honda, Indiana.
  • The mid-size TLX sedan is manufactured at the Marysville automotive plant in Ohio. The standard RLX and its twin gas-electric hybrid— the RLX Sport Hybrid — are full-size sedans of the company’s flagship. They are produced at the Saitama facility at Honda in Japan. The RDX is a compact vehicle. It is constructed in East Liberty, Ohio, at the Honda assembly plant. Finally, at Honda Manufacturing in Lincoln, Alabama, the mid-size MDX crossover is manufactured.

If you’ve ever wondered where Acura vehicles were produced, you might be amazed to know in the United States about their lengthy manufacturing heritage. The production plant in Marysville, for the most Acura vehicles, Ohio was the birthplace when it opened in 1982. Honda of America has since expanded to various plants across the United States, assembling all-around parts and vehicles for customers.

  • A lot of Honda models along with Acura TLX and Acura ILX are born in Marysville and it has the highest and largest production in the four locations of Ohio. Moreover, in addition to the location in Marysville (Ohio plant), there are other three plants as well in Ohio which manufacture Acura cars as well as their parts.
  • The first plant was opened in 1989 in East Liberty, Ohio which also specializes in the manufacturing of Honda SUVs and Acura and crossovers also such as the Acura MDX and Acura RDX.
  • The other two plants in Ohio assemble and produce the components and parts that power Acura and Honda vehicles.
    • In Anna, Ohio, the advanced superb motors and drive train elements are all produced and subsequently assembled in Acura cars sold worldwide.
    • Manufacturing of the transmissions and other related component parts is done at Russells Point, Ohio, which also includes the 4-wheel drive systems which deliver the power generated to the wheels for exceptional performance.

Performance Manufacturing Centre

For the Acura NSX supercar, which is the costliest car, the Acura Performance Manufacturing Center, Marysville is home and these are fully assembled in the U.S. Drivers who buy the NSX are privileged to look behind the scenes at their unique vehicle assembly and production. With these extraordinary supercars, the very well-trained experienced technicians and the state–of–the–art facilities provide top-quality production.

Who Makes Acura Vehicles? Where Are Acura Cars Made?

Honda makes Acura. As the parent business, Honda launched the U.S. Acura brand in 1986 as an attempt to create luxury cars and distinguish those cars from the remainder of Honda’s line-up–while maintaining Honda’s reputation for reliability. The vehicles branded by Acura are mainly sold in North America (Canada, USA, Mexico), selling in Ukraine most of China, and Kuwait as well.

The commitment of Honda to the Acura brand has also allowed them to produce remarkable vehicles such as the Acura NSX hybrid supercar built in Ohio, which is sold in Japan as a Honda and other worldwide markets. Acura models receive awards in many categories year after year, which is an homage to the fusion of the luxury refinement of Acura and Honda’s engineering.

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